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I was asked to simplify website layout of a company that had a very difficult to navigate web design before. Task was to recreate the entire layout so that it can be used as a template to franchise branches all over the world.

Home Page

The amount of information the company is showing online isn't big and they are focusing on personal touch. However, simplicity of the information caused that I had to deal with overwhelming amount of white space. Thus, llustrations saved me.

It was important to create a fresh website that would be understandable for a wide range of audience. Users of the page ranged between 26-75.


The comapny has offices around the world and they all will essentially adapt the new design. However, the branches live their own life and the information shared might be different from one to another. Layouting was for different amount of information was the most difficult part of the process.

Though easy at it may sound, to create a minimalistic website that serves as a representation of complex company is usually a task of major difficulty.

Design System

This is one of the first projects coded entirely by me in Vue.js. I'm currently in process of refactoring to Nuxt.js as it allowed me to create in-site uiKit. Usage of Design System with reusable components has proved as most efficient, for the website is than easily adjsutable and build of block of recycled components. Think of it as Legos!